Password Manager

Password Manager is a password manager

Password Manager is a tool for managing passwords. This tool is useful for anyone that needs to keep track of a lot of passwords. People use the same username and password at multiple sites, which is risky.

Password Manager does the hard work of remembering all your login information. The program is compatible with all programs and web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Your log-in information will always be secure when you use this program. With many other password managers, people can view passwords upon program launch.

With this program, however, the password database is not available until it is unlocked by an authorized user. With this program, you can travel anywhere, even to unsecured places like Internet cafes, and know that your passwords are stored in a secure way.

The program can even remember multiple passwords for a single website or application. Password Manager will only fill in login information for the sites it recognizes.

Password Manager


Password Manager